August 2020

Foreign nationals from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) are not allowed to work in the Netherlands without a work permit or a valid note on their residence permit that they are allowed to perform work.
An exception has been made in the legislation for students at the Academy of Architecture from outside the EEA. They may work a maximum of 32 hours per week without a work permit.

However, this is bound by a number of strict conditions:
  • Students are employed to gain the work experience necessary in the master's phase in accordance with the competitor model at an academy of architecture;
  • Employment takes place through an employment contract stating the number of hours to be worked per week, the length of the contract and the remuneration;
  • There is also a tripartite agreement between school, employer and student that refers to the employment contract. Download the tripartite agreement (not available in English) according to the model of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment;
  • Both the tripartite agreement and the employment contract are available at both the employer and the educational institution;
  • The employment is reported in advance to UWV via the notification form of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. The employer has to fill in the form and send it to the UWV
    Download the notification form (not in available in English);
  • The working student is paid in line with the market;
  • The maximum number of hours to be worked is 32 per week. Keep in mind that this is really maximum per week, and not average.
See also the Besluit uitvoering Wet arbeid vreemdelingen , Article 1m